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Advanced bio-coating technologies



G3 Digital Coverslip Coating 


neuVitro invites you to see amazing  quality of your cell culture using pre-coated German coverslips manufactured by our G3, the third generation digitized coverslip coating technology. 

After G1 and G2 small scale manual coating equipments in early years, by investment of state of the art G3 digital bio-coating system, Neuvitro has established the highest quality in coverslip coating. Now Neuvitro is the first corporation among the world capable of providing full coverage of pre-coated German coverslips for cell culture with all sizes and substrates. The quality of Neuvitro coverslips were so excellent and consistent that many researchers have been using Neuvitro coated coverslips as a standard to control their own coating and their cell culture performance. Some international training school and programs have chosen Neuvitro coated coverslips as their required material for all of their trainees. Since then, Cell Culture Control were created for researchers to normalize their cell culture data, to improve their culture quality, or to trouble-shooting their cell culture problems.

Publications using Neuvitro pre-coated German coverslips


The Importance of Advanced Bio-coating in Cell Culture


Coating quality is one of the most critical factors to achieve excellency of cell culture because coated substrate interacts with 50% of cell surface area. See example below:


Left: Cells attached onto neuVitro coated coverslip (Cat. # GG-12-collagen). The small 12mm coverslip occupied only half of a culture well. Right: In the same well, cells attached to the other half of the same culture well the coverslip being placed.
38 hours in culture, cells on neuVitro advanced coating (left) shown rapid and healthy growth. Cells on plastic culture well (right) were struggling (data from feedback of neuVitro customer using neuVitro pre-coated coverslip Cat # GG-12-collagen).



    Advanced Bio-coating Example: Pure primary neuron culture

Pure primary hippocampal neuron being cultured for long period of time uniformly and healthily on advanced poly-D-lysine coating (picture was contributed by neuVitro customer using pre-coated German coverslip, Cat. # GG-18-PDL)

Click to see enlarged primary neuronal culture



neuVitro Expertise


Advanced Bio-coating Example: 

Axon guidance


The coating expertise  Click to enlarge


This is an example of advanced bio-coating manufactured at Neuvitro coating facility in collaboration with academy institutions at Southern California. The entire surface of a coverslip was coated with poly-D-lysine. By utilizing advanced expertise and state of the art facilities at micrometer resolution, scientists at neuVitro can manipulate PDL in such a way that some PDL molecules gain functions as guidance cue (light green tracks) while other PDL molecules function as merely attachment factor (dark green area).